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Adas Service In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Reliable ADAS Service

Usually referred to by the acronym ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are designed to keep motorists safer by reducing or mitigating human driving errors. That’s beneficial because most vehicle crashes result from mistakes people make, including inattention, falling asleep, and missing visual cues. ASAS helps by recognizing what the driver doesn’t and responding appropriately, alerting the driver, or braking autonomously. However, the ADAS components must remain in good working order and be properly adjusted to work properly. Faithfull Tire and Auto in Saskatoon, SK, is here to help you with all your ASAS service needs. We’re located at 837A 50th St E Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 3Y5, making us easy to reach from several major thoroughfares and near other businesses you likely patronize. Make an appointment for your vehicle today using our online scheduling feature or by calling us at 306 500-5067.

What Might It Need?

Since the advent of ADAS technology, features and capabilities have greatly increased in both number and reliability. ADAS uses various cameras, sensors, chips, monitors, and computer software. These work together to allow your vehicle to detect conditions and changes, reacting to them in real-time. If these components fail, become broken, or go out of adjustment, we will need to adjust, replace, or restore the parts. There are many automated safety features, with more being developed. We’ll remind you of a few of the most common ones that might need service. For example, adaptive cruise control allows your vehicle to remain set at your desired speed. Likewise, the automatic emergency braking feature monitors the location of vehicles and objects in front of your automobile, applying brakes to avoid a collision in an emergency. Pedestrian detection similarly watches for people you may not see. Sensors embedded in exterior auto body parts such as bumpers provide information to operate the blind spot monitor, lane-keeping assist, and lane departure warning features. Sometimes parts of ADAS can go bad over time, from general deterioration to faulty wiring. Cameras can also move out of factory preset adjustment. However, a common culprit is vehicle body damage, including fender benders that necessitate bumper replacement and cracks that cause the windshield to need replacing.

How Can We Help?

If you know you have ADAS damage or suspect something may no longer be in proper adjustment, visit Faithfull Tire and Auto for an assessment. We can determine what calibrations, repairs, or other ADAS services are needed. Since opening in 2014, we’ve earned an excellent reputation for our work on all makes and models. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to take great care of your vehicle, earning both Red Seal and SGI certifications. We’re a family-owned facility that genuinely cares about customers and cars, so we look forward to serving you.

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