Makes Sure Your Car’s HVAC System
Is Ready For The Summer

Summer is coming. That means rising temperatures. That’s why you need to make sure that your vehicle’s HVAC system is ready for the summer. At Faithful Tire, we provide a complete line-up of HVAC system services to ensure you enjoy a cool and comfortable driving experience. We have decades of experience as the trusted service center choice in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan area. Here’s a look at the HVAC system services that we offer.

HVAC Inspection

It’s a good idea to check if there are any “hidden issues” in your vehicle’s HVAC system. Our technicians can run a complete visual and diagnostic check of your HVAC system. This includes an inspection of the vents, the fans, and the hoses as well as a check of the cabin air filter and the A/C refrigerant. This is an especially important service if you are looking to go on a long road trip this summer.

A/C Recharge

Your A/C system is dependent on refrigerant to deliver cool air into the cabin. If you notice that your vehicle’s A/C is on but you are only getting warm air, then it may be time for A/C recharge service. During the service, our technicians will repair any leaks in your A/C system and provide a full recharge of your system refrigerant.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Noticing that your A/C is not blowing as much cool air as it used to? This could be due to an old cabin air filter. It is recommended that your cabin air filter be replaced every 12 months. At Faithful Tire, we can provide fast cabin air filter replacement service in minutes.

Ventilation Cleaning Services

Over time contaminants can build up in your vehicle’s ventilation system. This could lead to unpleasant odors in your cabin as well as unhealthy air. With our ventilation cleaning services, we can clean out your vehicle’s HVAC vents. That can help deliver cleaner, healthier air into your vehicle’s cabin.

Signs That Your HVAC System May Need Service

Be sure to take your vehicle in for HVAC service if you notice any of the following:
● Lack of cool air when the A/C is on.
● Low airflow when the A/C is on.
● Refrigerant leaks under the vehicle, under the hood, or in the cabin
● Strange odors while the A/C is operating

HVAC Services at Faithful Tire In The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Area

Choose the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan service center that offers quality HVAC services at competitive prices. Be sure to contact us at Faithful Tire today. We can make sure that your vehicle’s A/C system is ready for the summer. You can schedule your appointment by contacting us at1 (306) 952-3133 during service center hours.

Written by Faithfull Tire and Auto