Need a Tow Truck in Saskatoon? What to Do Next

Whether your car is brand new or you've been driving it for years, it's essential to be prepared for car trouble. If you find yourself needing a tow truck in Saskatoon, know who to call!

Tow Trucks Are Your Friend

Tow trucks, contrary to popular opinion, are an essential and reliable assistant when you need automotive assistance. Aside from the obvious—towing vehicles—a tow truck in Saskatoon can provide a lot of ancillary services when you need them most.

From tire repair, clearing accidents, and a whole lot more, tow trucks and their operators are the unsung heroes of the roadways. But picture this: you've got an issue with your car on the roadway. You're immobilized. What now? Let's find out what to do when disaster strikes, and you need a tow truck.

Wait In a Safe Place

Whatever you do, don't panic! When you panic, you're not going to think straight. Remember, if you're on a busy roadway, the first thing you need to do is move your vehicle as far off the roadway as you can.

On smaller, two-lane roadways, this is obviously more of a challenge. However, multilane roadways, particularly highways and interstates, may afford drivers a break-down late off to the side. Make sure that when you move your vehicle off of the roadway, you're keeping your caution lights activated. In low light conditions, caution lights will ensure road-bearing vehicles can see you off to the side, and that the tow truck in Saskatoon can find you.

Bonus tip: don't stand in front of your vehicle! If a vehicle strikes your immobilized car, your vehicle will become a projectile. Standing away from the vehicle ensures in the event of a crash, you will be out of harm's way.

When You Need a Tow

Try to Identify the Problem Before Your Tow

Identifying the problem with your car could be a challenge if you're not automotive-inclined. That said, if you do determine the problem before the tow truck arrives, it will do much to assist the tow truck operator with fixing your problem. If you're in a rush to get your vehicle back on the road, the quicker the operator can identify and solve the problem, the quicker you can be on your way.

However, if you cannot identify the issue, aside from being more time consuming, it will be impossible for the driver to solve your problem. For example, if you know that your tire is flat, remove your spare tire prior to the tow truck.

A tow truck operator can deftly unscrew the lug nuts, place the spare on your vehicle, screw the lug nuts back in, and you can be on your way. While that's just one of many issues you could run into, you can turn a 30-minute repair job into a 10-minute repair with a little effort on your part.

Choose a Reliable Repair Shop

Sometimes, a tow truck cannot assist you. Sometimes, you need to rely on the help of additional automotive experts, and as a result, you'll need the tow truck operator to take you to a trustworthy auto shop.

Make sure you choose a reliable auto shop to help you with your car troubles when you need them most. A reliable shop will identify and address any and all issues, rather than making any issues worse. Remember, the tow truck should make life easier, not make things more complicated.

Rather than rolling the dice, choose a shop that is always ready, willing, and able to solve your car problems. Choose Faithfull Tire.

Need a Tow Truck in Saskatoon? Faithfull Tire & Auto is Here

At Faithfull Tire, we are true to our name. We offer free, 24/7 roadside assistance and towing. We know you can't always plan your car needs ahead of time.  We can tow you right to the shop and get to work on your car.

Our wide catalog of automotive services ensures that no matter the trouble, we'll find a solution to help you. We are standing by to keep you on the road, whether you get here by tow or by your own accord.

To find out how Faithfull Tire can help you, call us at 306-500-5067 or complete our online contact form.

Written by Faithfull Tire and Auto