Order Your Winter Tires Now and Avoid The Upcoming Tire Shortage and Price Surge

You have probably heard about the semiconductor chip shortagethat has caused many auto manufacturers to stop production on their vehicles. You may have also heard about the lumber shortage that is causing housing construction costs to skyrocket. Well, get ready, because it looks like we could be short of rubber and tires over the next few months. That means that you need to think ahead and order your winter tires because the tire hoarding and possible price surges arrive.

Three reasons for the upcoming tire shortage

1). Huge tire demand from China

You have probably heard that China is developing at a record pace. That also includes an insatiable demand for tires. That means that China is buying up as much rubber as possible so they can have tires for their vehicles. This demand is not likely to wane in the next few months.

2). Rubber plant restrictions from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic pretty much put a halt to many types of production over the last 15 months. That included rubber tree planting and tire manufacturing. Because of that, there is a huge backlog of rubber tires that need to get manufactured over the next few months. Sadly, that means that many winter tires will not be manufactured in time.

3). Possible hoarding

Anytime you have a shortage, you have hoarding which makes the situation much worse. All you have to do is think back to the winter of 2020 when people were filling up their SUVs with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper. You can expect individual drivers as well as trucking companies to order more than their usual share of winter tires for peace of mind.

How to beat the winter tire shortage? Plan ahead and order now.

You don’t want to wait until the first snow comes before you decide to get your winter tires. The smart thing to do is plan ahead. Don’t wait until everyone in the area is trying to panic buy winter tires in October, secure your winter tire order now. That way, you can be sure that you will have your order in time. Also, you will want to avoid the inevitable price surge that could make winter tires potentially double in price.

Why you can’t afford to go without winter tires

1). Better traction

Winter tires have deep threads that will allow you to have a better grip on the road. When there are icy and slick road conditions, winter tires know how to keep better control on the road.

2). Better flexibility

When the temperature drops, most other tires will harden and lose their flexibility. Winter tires are designed to handle cold temperatures and maintain their flexibility for better road grip.

3). Reduces hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when water on the road forces tires to lose their grip. Winter tires are designed to reduce hydroplaning and allow for better road control.

Place your order with us today, lock in your price and secure your winter tires.

Secure your winter tires today for the shortage and price surge arrives! Call Jae at Faithful Tirecraft in Saskatoon to place your order! Simply provide $50 with your pre-order and we can guarantee product availability. Get your pre-order in by August 15, 2021 to protect yourself from future price increases. We have a no hassle return policy so there’s no risk on your end. We also guarantee appointments. Get your winter tires from Tirecraft today.


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Written by Faithfull Tire and Auto